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Custom Made Jewellery

There is nothing that excites me more than working with customers to create something that is unique and special. 

As each piece is individually hand crafted at my bench in Christchurch, New Zealand, I am able to customise designs for your individual needs. Rings can be made in any size, from a range of different metals, and alternate stones can be sourced to suit your preferences.

To enquire about custom made jewellery, get in touch here and we can talk about the possibilities.



Examples of previous custom-made pieces


Matterhorn mountain ring set


Matterhorn Mountain Ring Set

Sterling silver Matterhorn ring (second from left) with bronze and brass rings carved in the likeness of surrounding foothills.


Delicate yellow gold and black sapphire ring

Delicate Black Sapphire Ring

Handmade in 9 carat yellow gold 


White gold and ruby, sterling silver engagement ring set

White Gold, Ruby and Sterling Silver engagement ring set

Each ring is carved in the likeness of a different mountain the couple had climbed together. The white gold ring has a ruby 'mine' set in the side, and is made to sit between the two sterling silver rings, so the 'mine' is hidden from view when worn.


Engagement ring set- smoky quartz and green tourmaline

Sterling Silver Engagement Rings

A set of two rough-carved, wide sterling silver engagement rings. The left is set with a buff-top Smoky Quartz and the ring on the right is set with a dark green Tourmaline.



Mt Cook mountain ring, sterling silver

Mount Cook Mountain Ring

Sterling silver


Larkspur and Briar Rose Ring
9 carat White gold, set with two rubies in the centre of each flower.
Metals I work with:
Sterling silver
Yellow gold
White gold*
Rose gold
*(Note: I do not Rhodium plate white gold, preferring to let its beautifully subtle golden glow shine through.)
I work with metals that are sustainably sourced and conflict-free. The majority of the precious metals I use are produced by recycled waste from Jewellers and industry, along with local mines within Australasia. Alluvial gold from South Island, NZ is a major source of gold and is sourced from miners whose operation complies with Department of Conservation protocols.
Example of unplated 9 carat white gold
White gold ring, carved in the likeness of St Bathans, New Zealand
An example of 9 carat white gold without rhodium plating. Un-plated, white gold has a subtle golden warmth.
The following is a shortened list of stones that can be sourced for custom made pieces. 
Sapphire (Ceylon blue, black, pink, green, white)
I like to work with natural stones, and being natural they can all vary slightly from one stone to the next. If you would like to enquire about stones that are available, please contact me.

To enquire about custom made jewellery, get in touch here and we can talk about the possibilities.