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When Art Meets Fashion: Sophie Divett translates her passion and talent for sculpture into fine jewellery.

Words Anne Hudson


"I admire artists who take on the daunting genre of jewellery making. Sophie Divett is one of those people. Following an arts degree in sculpture she transitioned into jewellery. Her focus while studying for her Bachelor of Fine Arts was small sculptures and in many ways her jewellery is just an extension of that practice.

Sophie Devitt jewellery Style magazine article

Custom made ring, 18ct white gold with Australian zircon.

"Another influence is ancient artefacts. Sophie notes that sometimes it is difficult to tell where the original object ends and the hand of nature and time begins. Sophie produces contemporary work through which she explores the potential of erosion and corrosion, time and decay producing new timeless pieces."Her aesthetic is precise, creating immaculate little pieces that show the mark of the maker. Like many New Zealand artists her primary source of inspiration is nature. She loves not just native plants but also the exotic flora that resides here. Our natural habitat is as diverse as our population and Sophie says her love of nature is a nostalgic feeling, a sentimental attachment that she feels all kiwis share.

Sophie Devitt jewellery stlye magazine article pittosporum earring

Gold-plated pittosporum seed
pod earrings, $245


"The jewellery is made in precious metals, mostly silver and gold and a little bit of bronze. Gold is her favourite metal, particularly the higher carats, which are more pure. Gold is a very soft material but also durable. She remarks that many ancient Greek and Roman was made in almost pure gold and that is why it has survived still looking beautiful thousands of years after it was made. It is this purity of gold, its colour, its rarity plus its malleability that has made it a coveted material in the history of mankind.


Love of nature is a nostalgic feeling, a sentimental attachment that Sophie feels all Kiwis share.


Sophie Devitt jewellery mountain rings style magazine article

Mt Ruapehu custom-made wedding rings in

blackened sterling silver.


"Sophie creates many custom-made pieces for the discerning buyer. She works with the client and their desires but brings her own aesthetic to the work. She feels individual pieces must reflect not only her input but must enhance the client's personality and appearance while creating a story of the wearer.

Sophie Devitt Jewellery style magazine article waimea pendant

Gold-plated ‘Waimea’ leaf pendant, $130


"There seems to be a myriad of considerations when making a work for an individual. Sophie places her work somewhere between art and traditional craft. Those definitions are a minefield an are actually an arbitrary construct placed on objects, particularly 3D work, to place it in an artificial hierarchy created by the art world. All artwork is crafted to a degree and has a function of a sort. These exquisite little works, whether they fall from an ear lobe or grace a hand or other body part, are in my mind works of art.

Sophie Devitt Jewellery ivy leaf hoop earrings style magazine

Sterling silver ivy leaf hoop earrings, $150


"Sophie is currently working from a workshop at Form Gallery in Christchurch. Her work is exhibited there and is also shown at Art in a Garden's annual show at Flaxmere, Hawarden. For a beautifully crafted individual piece of jewellery Sophie Divett should be taken seriously."


Originally printed in Style Magazine, April 06, 2018.